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Open to the world

  • Durbuy has always been a place of passage and encounters. We have weaved many relationships with several localities through these encounters.

    The twin town of the Baltic
    Durbuy participated in a cooperation charter created in 2000, along with nine other European cities (Orimatilla and Uusikaupunki in Finland, Valga in Estonia, Valka in Latvia, Weissenburg in Germany, Oshammar in Sweden, Kobylnica and Koscielisko in Poland, Tvrsdosin in Slovakia). The representatives of the cities meet each year to discuss a theme relating to society. They involve young people in the reflections.

    The villages twinned with those of the Beaujolais region in France were initiated before the fusion of the districts: each village is twinned with a village in Beaujolais. Twinning is always lively and has given rise to true friendships:
    1968: Bomal and Fleurie
    1969: Durbuy and Saint Amour, Barvaux and Juliénas, Grandhan and Beaujeu
    Heyd and Vogüé, in the department of the Ardèche in France, since 1994
    Durbuy has been twinned with Hanyu, Japan since 1995, Osthammar, Sweden since 2000 and Newport, Belgium since 2005. It maintains occasional relations with the Dutch city of Berg op Zoom.

    Since 2012, within the framework of the stone sculpture symposium, a partnership was established with the sculpture festival of La Bresse, in the department of Vosges in France.

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