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  • Some locations around Durbuy go back 10,000 years, with a past richly illustrated by many traces from all periods.

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    Through the local heritage, you will have the pleasure of learning about universal history.
    Prehistory comes to life through findings from the caves of Juzaine, Verlaine, Villers Sainte Gertrude, etc. and through the many flint stones found in the areas of Tohogne and Bomal (Mont-St-Rahy Plateau).

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    Of these distant times that witnessed the birth civilisation, the Neolithic is the best represented through the megalithic stones in Wéris and Oppagne. They constitute the most impressive group of preserved dolmens and standing stones in Belgium.
    The region has hence been marked by each era, through Roman coins and objects, Frankish tombs, and Feudal constructions such as the castle of Durbuy. Built during the 11th Century, along with the circular enclosure that has since disappeared, it protected the city, whose outline has remained intact to this day.

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    It is also to the Middle Ages that we owe the dungeon of Izier and the many Romanesque churches built in nearly every village of the entity (the church of Tohogne, the former parochial centre of Wéris, Grandhan, Sainte Marguerite of Eneilles).
    The church of Notre-Dame de Borlon is an exceptional example of Gothic architecture from the Condroz region. The church of Durbuy is known as St-Nicolas des Récollets, named after the eponymous monks who settled there in 1675, followed by the Récollectine nuns (convent of the Récollets).
    The 18th Century witnessed the expansion of castle farms of which many still exist today, like those of Bomal, Grandhan (seat of a lord’s estate, where a "tower of justice" was built in the 17th Century), Jenneret, and Tohogne.
    The 19th Century is illustrated through the building of the former City Hall in Barvaux.

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